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This eye mask gives you full relaxation with ease method. Moreover while you get a migraine, this product acts as a migraine reliever and it counteracts the fatigue in your head. You just need to wear this cooling eye mask at home with comfort. It is a convenient way to get full relaxation after working hard.

It is comfy and gives relaxation during our sleep. There will be no more uncomfortable feeling on the eyelid. It comes with hook loop closure strap, so it will not fell in tilted position while sleeping.

Can improve ocular microcirculation, eliminate eye fatigue, resume the plasticity of ciliary muscle, prevent vision decline, so it has an efficacy of lightening eye and refreshing brain.


Could be used in warm water(not too hot) for 5 minutes or in refrigerator to cool it about 10-30 minutes for different effect.

Applicable situations:


1. For a long time with your eyes without relax

2. Drving in the spirit of tight

3. For a long time to learn

4. Using computer, TV and mobile phone for a long time.

5. Wear cosmetic lenses, make up for a long time


Net Weight: 99g; Material: PVC,Liquid Gel

Package Content: 1 x Eye Mask

Shell Color: Blue

Cool Gel Spa Eye Mask

SKU: 150000008
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